It happened in a flash, and now you are suffering from a painful injury related to an accident at the workplace. What should you do next? Who can you turn to for trustworthy and educated guidance? You know that powerful rights and benefits are available to you, but you may have no idea where to begin with the claims process – this where a personal injury attorney can be of invaluable assistance. Immediate help is available to you from an outstanding legal team. car accident attorneys
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here are many important reasons to seek the help of a worker’s compensation attorney. You are filled with concerns and you want a strong legal advocate on your side. It is important to not allow your judgment to be clouded by your employer relationship, and you understand that a lawyer will know the worker’s comp process fully and can help you from being taken advantage of. You can increase your confidence that full medical treatment and disability benefits will be available to you and you will know that the headaches that come with personally preparing and arguing your claim will not exist when you hire an attorney. You may even be afraid your rights will not be fully recognized by your employer, or that you could be subject to negative consequences. No one deserves such treatment and a lawyer can assist in preventing it.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Our team of attorneys have been helping injured victims for a collective 40 years. Recognized by “Super Lawyers,” our firm is respected and equipped with the knowledge and resources you need to mount a successful worker’s comp claim and to pursue lawsuits against negligent third parties when necessary.

Why delay in protecting your rights to the fullest? Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer today for strong legal advocacy.

I lost my older sister during my spring semester of my sophomore year of college. I was a platoon commander in the Navy Reserve Officer Training Program and was at drill when I missed a call from my mom. I called her back as soon as class was over and she told me that my little brother had been in a car accident, and air life had been there. I dropped to my knees, lost my ability to breath momentarily, and begged to hear he was okay. After losing my older sister, I could not bear the thought of losing another sibling.wrongful death law suit

My mom assured me that he was okay, it was the other man in the accident that was air lifted out. She apologized for not being more clear immediately, but she was still a little shaken. My little brother, Allen, had been driving down one of the country roads on the way home in a huge van. On either side of the windshield in the van sits a large piece of plastic that creates a blind spot. Allen came over a hill that has an immediate left turn to get to our grandma’s house. He was not going that fast, but the timing was bad. He hit a motorcyclist in his blind spot as he turned left.

It was a complete accident, and just for the record Allen is a huge motorcycle enthusiast and has been since he was old enough to ride a bike. The motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet. It was a gruesome scene. The motorcyclist looked dead on sight until the air life team revived him and lifted him off to the nearest hospital.

Allen was on Grandma’s insurance policy at the time, and she feared the worst. She confided in me that she had barely enough to get her to her grave. There is a chance my little brother could be facing manslaughter charges at eighteen. The accident happened in the spring of this year. It was two months later that we were informed the man was still in a coma and his family was going to sue us. Thankfully, my Grandma had put a retainer on car accident lawyer.

The defendants hired a personal injury lawyer. It is going to be a tough case, but how tough I have no clue. Going to court and dealing with the law is not only tricky but timely and costly. Our car accident lawyer is doing everything she can do defend the case, but it is simply a tricky situation. This case has been going on for a little over eight months now and there is still no end in sight. The motorcyclist is still in a coma and his health has not improved. He suffers from severe brain damage. This is where the accident really gets sticky because the motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet. If he had been, he may not of suffered such severe injuries. My little brother has been extremely traumatized from the accident and the court case being drawn out has not helped. I can only hope that since we hired the most reputable car accident attorney for our case, that the judge will see my little brother has also suffered from this and that honestly accidents happen and that is why everyone should have insurance.

The cases described below are a representative list of past settlements and/or verdicts achieved since approximately 2000. All listed cases were resolved for a dollar amount of at least six figures and as high as eight figures. Past results include multiple cases resolved for over $1,000,000. Every case listed is an actual case. Details and specific settlement amounts are not included. In most cases, settlement agreements require that the details of the case and the settlement amount be kept confidential. Results in any case depend on the facts of the particular case.

Medical Malpractice

  • Failure to assess and diagnose post surgery respiratory depression; death
  • Failure to diagnose and treat TIA/stroke; paralysis
  • Failure to assess risk for and prevent fall; fractured hip, death
  • Failure to prevent and treat pressure/bed sore; death
  • Failure to treat complications of meningitis; stroke, blindness
  • Failure to prevent and treat heparin/blood thinner overdose; death
  • Failure to evaluate and treat chest pain and/or coronary artery disease; death
  • Failure to diagnose and treat pneumonia; death
  • Failure to assess, diagnose and treat hypertension; stroke, quadriparesis
  • Failure to assess, diagnose and treat brain bleed; death
  • Failure to diagnose and treat small bowel obstruction; death
  • Failure to diagnose and treat nicked bowel that resulted during surgery to remove gallbladder; peritonitis, death
  • Failure to diagnose and treat meningitis; brain damage
  • Failure to diagnose and treat meningitis; death
  • Failure to properly position valve in tracheotomy; suffocation, death
  • Failure to prevent and treat aspiration of quadriplegic patient; death

Throughout the years, we have handled auto / truck collisions, premises liability, and construction site incidents that have resulted in significant injury or death.

Personal Injury from Negligence

  • Truck driver failed to control speed coming up on a traffic jam; significant bone loss in leg with impending amputation
  • Truck driver, drunk, fell asleep while behind on a delivery suddenly jack-knifed on a bridge; multiple disfiguring and disabling injuries
  • Truck driver failed to control speed and load around a dangerous turn; death
  • Negligent bicycle repair; broken back and wrist