This area of negligence or personal injury law includes bodily injury from a dangerous condition or activity on the premises. This law usually favors the property owner and requires that the injured person prove that the property owner either created or caused the dangerous event or condition, or knew about it before the injury event took place and did not take any action to correct or make safe the dangerous condition or warn the injured person of it.

Home owners, renters, and businesses usually have liability insurance that will pay for the defense of the property owner or business against personal injury or negligence claims and the insurance coverage or benefits that would pay for the injuries or damages in question. To help with your serious or catastrophic injuries from a dangerous property condition or activity on the property, you need to work with a law firm that specializes in personal injury law and that knows what types of insurance coverage apply and how to get you the full value or maximum compensation available. During this time, your attorney should treat you with compassion and understanding. The team at our firm. in Dallas is experienced in the investigation, preparation and trial of a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death claims arising out of property owner negligence leading to serious and fatal accidents.

We are Texas Board Certified Personal Injury Trial lawyers who represents victims of premise liability or property owner negligence.

Premises liability cases can involve any kind of dangerous conditions or activities that pose an unreasonable risk of harm; however, the more common types of liability cases arise from:

  • Unsafe Walkway or Surface Resulting in a Slip or Trip and Fall
  • Inadequate Security
  • Dog Bite
  • Recreational Vehicle not Required for Licensure (including ATVs, three and four wheelers, golf carts, go-carts, mini-bikes, and pocket bikes)
  • Drowning or Diving Injuries in Swimming Pools
  • Burns
  • Unsafe or Malfunctioning Fixture or Machine
  • Unsafe parental supervision including
  • Failing to control a child’s bullying tendencies
  • Serving alcohol and or drugs to minors
  • Physical or sexual abuse

Texas law places a heavy burden on the injured person to show that the property owner or his/her agent caused or created the dangerous condition or failed to warn the injured person of it. In consulting with a personal injury attorney, it is important for the injured person to provide:

  • The names of any witnesses;
  • Photographs of the site of the dangerous condition;
  • Any statements made by the witnesses or property owner/agent, including:
  • What the dangerous condition or substance was; and
  • How long it had been there.

Our firm has evaluated countless premises liability cases and has helped many persons who were injured as the result of a wide variety of dangerous conditions/activities over the years.

Damages that a premise liability victim and the victim’s family are entitled to recover may include: hospital and medical expenses; past and future lost earnings; past and future permanent physical disability, such as loss of hearing or sight, limp or abnormal gait, scars, loss of a limb; emotional distress, such as depression and anxiety; grief and emotional suffering caused by the death of a loved one; loss of love and companionship caused by the injury or death of a loved one; past and future physical pain and suffering; loss of enjoyment of life.

As your dedicated legal team, we would fight for maximum recovery after a serious or fatal accident arising from a negligent business or residential property owner, and invite you to contact us for a free consultation. There will be no attorneys’ fees for you to pay unless we obtain financial compensation for you.

We have obtained million-dollar and multi-million dollar settlements and recoveries for their clients. They are known for their strength and determination and know how to fight for their clients.

Our firm has assisted Texas accident victims recover money for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and other damages. Whether you have suffered a back or neck injury requiring surgery, fractures, traumatic brain injury, wrongful death of a family member or other serious harm, we will work hard to help you put the pieces of your life back together.

Our Dallas Law Offices specializes in complex personal injury and wrongful death litigation. We are board certified attorneys with over 30 years of experience specializing in personal injury trial law throughout Texas. The Firm carries the highest “AV Rating” for legal ability in Martindale-Hubbell, determined by their peers. Our firm frequently receives referrals from former clients and referring attorneys who were satisfied with their results.

  • We have 30 years of experience in Wrongful Death,
  • Auto/Trucking Accidents, Premises Liability, & Medical Malpractice.

What Does it mean to be a Board Certifed Attorney?

In Texas, a Board Certified Attorney is an attorney who has demonstrated special competence in a particular field in which the Texas Board of Legal Specialization has certified their competence beyond a general license to practice law. In order to qualify for certification in Personal Injury Trial Law, the Board requires, among other things, that the attorney have experience handling a wide variety of personal injury trial law matters, has been evaluated by fellow lawyers and judges, and has passed a day-long additional written examination. Our attorneys have been Board Certified since 1983, and has served as  preparers and graders of the Personal Injury Trial Law Exam for the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

    • Truck / Auto Accidents
      • 18 Wheelers
      • Company Cars
      • Commercial Vehicles
      • Governmental Vehicles
      • Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage
    • Construction Site Accidents
    • Premises Liability
      • Dog Bite
      • Slip & Fall
      • Inadequate Security
      • Drownings
      • Other Dangerous Conditions
    • Medical Malpractice
      • Birth-Related Injuries
      • Failure to Timely Diagnose
      • Patient Neglect
      • Errors in Administration of Medication
      • Surgical Errors
    • Nursing Neglect / Abuse
      • Medication Errors
      • Falls
      • Bed Sores
      • Patient Disregard
    • Insurance Bad Faith / Fraud

  • Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents